Our Team

Our success relies on individual and collective efforts of our team members. Our team comprises of a group of highly trained and experienced professionals dedicated to delivering quality assured solutions. Currently we have over 70 team members working together to develop best HR software solutions for businesses. OASYS team includes:

Project Managers

Experienced project managers handle the project from the initial stage to the project sign off to ensure that the entire project is carried out in organized and delivered on a timely basis.

Development Team

Our developing team comprises of experienced and skilled software developers and designers who work to build software solutions. With our proven design and development process we have created powerful business applications for our clients.

Implementation Team

A dedicated team to provide end to end implementation management for a seamless transition. Our implementation team works to ensure successful implementations of our products and to achieve each client’s business objectives.

Training Team

Our training team ensures that clients are skilled to use our products. They regularly review the records of training sessions for clients and analyze whether these sessions have helped them to improve their performances

Support Team

Support team is the backbone of our company as they are trained to support businesses of all sizes. They work in cooperation with project managers and development team to maximize the efficiency of support.

Sales Team

Our Sales team is focused on optimizing business development and ever ready to provide any level of assistance to the customers. We have trained our sales team to take a consulting approach with customer and suggest them the best and a suitable solution.