• Expert team from OASYS will guide users through the different phases of product implementation. With years of experience in the industry, OASYS has developed a strategic and systematic implementation approach. This has helped as in developing solutions for the most common challenges in HR organizations. Clients can expect best in class service when they select OASYS for HR solution.

    Project Management

    OASYS Project ManagementOASYS adopts the widely accepted Prince2 (Projects in a controlled environment) model for project management. This approach helps us to better control the processes involved from start till the end of a project. Experienced project managers from OASYS take care of the whole project from implementation to project sign off. They co-ordinate with project managers from the customer side to ensure that all steps are carried in a timely and professional manner. OASYS follows a Systematic and structured methodology to integrate software into an organization’s workflow with efficiency and minimal disruption. Utilizing parallel run strategy, the accuracy and reliability of the new system can be verified so that the client can ensure the efficiency of OASYS HR system.

    Data Migration

    OASYS Data MigrationExperts from OASYS data migration team take care of the data transfer from existing system. OASYS uses data migration templates to extract data from the customer end. The collected data is processed and loaded into the new system.
    We ensure the quality and privacy of your data while transferring it from one system to another.


    OASYS InstallationIt involves application installation and configuration of database in the target environment. Installation is carried out in two different ways, through remote procedure or on site depending on the requirement of the customer. Project managers ensure that the system configuration as well as, the IT requirements mentioned in the pre-installation document is met.

    Custom shell build for corporates

    Custom shell build for cooperatesWorkshops and meetings are conducted to understand the requirements of corporate. Project managers ensure that the detailed analysis of system requirements is carried out by our business analysts. Working alongside the customer's requirements, we deliver an implementation methodology which ensures that the project meets the expectations of your employees and management.


    OASYS TrainingOur dedication to the success of your organization does not end with system implementation. We understand that training is critical to the successful implementation of any project. Training takes place at several levels. It helps users to gain knowledge about the system before it is going to live. Core training is offered along with the implementation process.