Time & Attendance

OASYS Time and Attendance management (T&A) system is designed to manage your workforce and record employee’s time and attendance in an efficient and organized way. The system provides you with real time attendance information and past attendance reports. Our T&A systems are designed in a flexible way so they can be incorporated into most environments to support complex time management and attendance requirements. OASYS (T&A) systems help organizations to monitor employee working hours in real-time, unauthorized overtime and create detailed reports about individual employees.

Key Features

Roster Management

It allows you to create and manage employee schedules on weekly or monthly basis. It provides a system to schedule resources in accordance with shifts, holidays, and leaves. It is time efficient and designed in a user friendly manner to help users to create rosters quickly.

Overtime Calculation

It provides employees and managers information about the extra hours they have worked and overtime rates can be configured and calculated accordingly.

Attendance calculation

Time and attendance management system provides a comprehensive and accurate data of the working hours. OASYS (T&A) system provides you with real time attendance information.

Emergency & Security audit reports

The system provides information on employees who were present in your organization during an emergency situation.

Other Features

Other features involves Exception management, Interface to most T&A systems, exhaustive reporting and planned vs. actual attendance.

OASYS Hardware Management Module

OASYS Hardware management module is developed for managing OASYS (T&A) hardware. This module at present is compatible only with OASYS Hardware; features explained below will be available only if OASYS hardware is used.


  • Online transfer of clock-in and clock-out data
  • Manual option to upload employee’s data from OASYS Database to the machine to register their finger print.


Advanced feature involves the following in addition to basic:
  • Allows you to create pool of devices and set auto synchronization between these devices. This feature will synchronize the fingerprint data between devices in the pool thus ease the admin process
  • Finger print registration can be done directly from the application thus made bulk registration faster.
  • Transferring fingerprint data by business unit, department, employee or from existing devices to new device
  • Allows you to restrict access by business unit or by department. For example if you want to give only employees of one department access through one machine this feature can be used.
  • New employees data can be created automatically in the TA machines for registering their fingerprint. This feature will send alert to the respective managers for them physically performing the fingerprint registration.
  • Allows you to unregister employees from TA machines upon separation approval.