Account Receivable

Account receivable module is designed to allow organizations to manage receivables and automate the cash management process. It provides information about who owes you how much and when it's due. Collecting money owed by cusomers is critical to cash flow and business survival. The system will help you to track which customers have past the due date and there credit. Its a great tool designed to streamline account receivable process and better manage the collection activities.

Key Features

Billing information

Allows customers to be grouped into different billing periods for preparing statements on a daily, weekly and monthly basis.

Rapid Information

It will help you track the balance amount and the due date easily. It also provides instant inquiry of customer information, including invoices, credit memos and debit memos.

Automated detection of duplication

This feature will help you to check duplicate customer accounts to ensure that multiple accounts are not created accidentally for the same customer.

Document Attachment

Allows attaching documents relevant to client information, invoices, debit and credit records.

E-Alert service

This facility will help you to alert a customer when the credit limit exceeds the due date.