OASYS appBox

Working with a passion of what you require is what we provide, OASYS appBox is a web-based framework that combines several utility applications as one and offers asset management, preventive maintenance, accounts receivable tracking, health and recreation club management, bank reconciliation, workflow designer, stand alone time attendance and organization budgeting modules.

OASYS Fixed Asset Management System (FAMS)

OASYS FAMS is a creative solution to manage fixed assets in your organization with ease and accuracy. It enables you to acquire, manage and maintain your fixed assets in a more profitable way. It is a robust solution with advanced capabilities for parameterization. It can be accessed through a menu based friendly environment in your workplace.

Time & Attendance

OASYS Time and Attendance management (T&A) system is designed to manage your workforce and record employee’s time and attendance in an efficient and organized way. The system provides you with real time attendance information and past attendance reports. Our T&A systems are designed in a flexible way so they can be incorporated into most environments to support complex time management and attendance requirements. OASYS (T&A) systems help organizations to monitor employee working hours in real-time, unauthorized overtime and create detailed reports about individual employees.

Account Receivable

Account receivable module is designed to allow organizations to manage receivables and automate the cash management process. It provides information about who owes you how much and when it's due. Collecting money owed by cusomers is critical to cash flow and business survival. The system will help you to track which customers have past the due date and there credit. Its a great tool designed to streamline account receivable process and better manage the collection activities.