oCloud Ult

It is the high-end version of oCloud, which combines all aspects of HR management in one comprehensive cloud solution. oCloud Ult is designed to benefit the organization with the best features available for human resource management. It incorporates extra features, in addition to the lower versions. For the ultimate version, we provide application hosting with Amazon EC 2, Windows azure and Etisalat. Additional features are listed below:

Key Features

Budgeting and forecasting

Budgeting & Forecasting is a comprehensive, yet flexible module for budgeting manpower and cost. Approved manpower requests from individual departments are synchronized to this module. This module also features an extensive what-if analysis engine through which users can analyze the impact of changing a benefit component.

Personal development (Training)

This module comprises of a set of tools for providing the right skills for employees in your organization. Managers can create personality development plans or trainings for the sub employees. It will help users manage the entire process from creating training plans, selecting course category, venue of training and sending an invitation to the attendees.

Performance management

It helps organizations to track, optimize and analyze the performance of the employees. Managers can track employee performance thorough appraisals and feedback. The performance process can be tracked through monitoring tools.

Recruiting and Resourcing

This feature helps to automate the recruitment process in an organization. It helps to manage the recruitment process of new candidates from the talent planning stage to acquisition. Its designed to help the organization to find the best candidates.

Accommodation management

TThis module will help users to automate the process from defining accommodation unit and occupancy to checking out of employees from accommodation unit. It includes extensive reports integrated with general ledger.