oCloud Bas

TIt is the basic version of oCloud from OASYS. Its designed to be simple, easy to deploy and features necessary human resource functions. For basic, we provide application hosting service with Amazon EC 2, Windows azure, Etisalat and OASYS in-house hosting services. oCloud basic comprises of the following features.

Employee data administration

This module helps users to enter and maintain all your employees’ information in a single and secure system. With this feature, users can maintain all your employee data in a central database.

Application manager

This is the core module, which takes care of the entire system administration tasks. User rights management and security of the system can be controlled through this module.

Payroll management

It helps your organization to process employee earnings and other financial transactions like journal calculation in accordance with the rules and regulations of specific regions/countries. It ensures that the employees payment is on time and according to your compensation rules. The system will help users in generating detailed reports of the payroll information requested.

Optional Modules

Time and attendance management

This module benefits organization with an efficient time-attendance management system to provide time management, attendance calculation, workforce scheduling, exception handling and report generation. It helps the organization to control labor cost and improve workforce productivity.