oCloud Adv

An advanced version of oCloud which comes packed with more features in addition to the basic version. For advanced version, we provide application hosting with Amazon EC 2, Windows azure, Etisalat and OASYS in-house hosting services. Advanced version will have the same modules as in basic with some enhanced features.

Key Features

Manager self service

This module helps managers or supervisors in an organization to access employee information, initiate employment requests, recruiting employees, approval of leave requests, employee separation and more. This feature helps to reduce document handling between employees and streamline the HR processes. It helps managers to access information and make better decisions. It helps to improve the workflow in an organization.

Employee self service (ESS)

ESS provides an interface to employees in an organization to access their personal information, attendance information, payroll details, raise leave requests, appraisals and benefits. Users can also download your pay slips from the portal.

e-Alert service

E-Alert will help in sending notifications to the employees in your organization about the changes that occur in an organization. It is the best way to keep your employees up to date with new changes and developments. Users are notifified through e-mail or SMS. It saves a lot of time and effort that is taken in notifying employees about the changes.