OASYS joins the world of cloud computing with its new product oCloud developed with a focus towards delivering a complete web based human resource management system. oCloud offers a broad range of features and integrated services running in a standard and highly secure cloud platform. In today’s world organizations with multiple business units demands human resource management to be web based which allows people to work remotely. oCloud comprises of all aspects of HR management like employee data administration, training management, performance management, recruitment and resourcing, time attendance management, accommodation management and payroll. With mobility feature users will be able to access oCloud from anywhere at any point of time. Its completely developed with the latest ASP.Net technology. oCloud simplifies the processes in HR management and reduces the overall time it takes to complete. Flexibility, easy to use web management interface, lower maintenance, no local storage requirements and cost-effective are some of the attractive features of oCloud. OASYS is offering oCloud in three versions. They come equipped with different features:

oCloud Bas

It is the basic version of oCloud from OASYS. Its designed to be simple, easy to deploy and features necessary human resource functions. For basic, we provide application hosting service with Amazon EC 2, Windows azure, Etisalat and OASYS in-house hosting services. oCloud basic comprises of the following features.

oCloud Adv

An advanced version of oCloud which comes packed with more features, in addition to the basic version. For advanced version, we provide application hosting with Amazon EC 2, Windows azure, Etisalat and OASYS in-house hosting services.

oCloud Ult

It is the high-end version of oCloud, which combines all aspects of HR management in one comprehensive cloud solution. oCloud Ult is designed to benefit the organization with the best features available for human resource management.